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Outreach Ministries
A Message from the First Family of House of Restoration Ministries
Welcome to the global home of HOROM....

At House of Restoration, the Bible comes alive as Pastor Tracey Hawkins applies the Word's eternal truths to the challenges you face every day. Practical teaching from the Word of God on real-life topics such as relationships, finances, career, marriage, child-rearing, overcoming fear or addiction and spiritual growth helps those in attendance live better, richer lives and realize their God-given destinies. 

We believe strongly in the unity of family and strive everyday to promote healthy relationships both blood and covenant

Come and experience what REAL love is through the undeniable, unshaking, unconditional love of Christ.

Love, The first family of HOROM

Music plays a central role in the worship experience at House of Restoration. As gifted (naturally and spiritually) musicians and singers apply their gifts to leading worshipers into God's presence, a wonderful atmosphere is created. It's an atmosphere in which God touches hearts in special ways. 

We are a group of radical young folk delivering psaltery sounds of praise under the power of the Holy Ghost. It is our duty to set an atmosphere of praise and worship, making sure the whole body encounters a sapential relationship with Christ, which reigns upon God's holiness......Come and experience Jesus!
Angelic (Young Adults)

HOROM Dance Ministry has a divine mission to honor and worship God by encouraging,  ministering and witnessing through the use of creative movement and dance.  Sacred dance is the Holy Spirit within us manifested in observable motion. It is the spirit in motion.  It is praise in motion.  

Every gesture, expression and action says something about the dancer's relationship with God.  It interprets scripture, illustrates a theme, communicates a feeling and brings the Holy Spirit into motion.

As a ministry, we are called to praise the Lord with dance and to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.  It is our goal to exalt the Lord through our Christian witness.

We welcome you to experience God in a new way!

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Deacon Ministry
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Our Greeter/Usher Ministry 

What is a greeter/usher?
An usher is an official church officer that serves many times as the first face most visitors will see. Our greeters are specially assigned to meet all our guests with a smile a hug and a warm welcome.

As forerunners, they can assist in perpetuating the spirit throughout the congregation.

Just as God ushered in day and light in Genesis 1:3-4, and as he ushered mann into the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:15; so are our friendly and anointed greeters, we are ready to usher you into God's house for an experience you'll never forget!


Intercessor & Prayer Warrior Ministry
Intercessors & Prayer Warriors

 HOROM'S Intercessors, have made a personal dedication to stand in the gap for others, declaring spiritual warfare against the issues and enemies that plague the life of the believer and for the souls of the sinner, believing God for their salvation.

Working in Faith, Favor and Authority to see God's people elevated and PUSHED into the destiny He has prepared for them.

  According to John 12:24, the intercessor can pray a prayer, make a request or take a firm stand against the enemy and have it bring forth a multiplied harvest.

To God Be the Glory! 
Meet our Deacons

(pictured left to right)
Bro. Stefan Smith
​Bro. Ronald Hawkins, Sr.

According to scripture, Deacons should possess the following characteristics:

Honesty, Wisdom, Spirituality
Faithfulness, Honorable
Trustworthiness and Temperament

The "HOUSE" is grateful to have a brotherhood that not only make great leaders, but great husbands, fathers and mentors.

​Serving God with 
Humility and Authority!