Restoring God’s People
Scripture: Psalm 51:12
(Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.)

House of Restoration Outreach Ministries is a faith- based church. We are not a church that is established based on denominations, but on the word of God. We solely believe what the word says, and are standing on that alone. House of Restoration is determined to reach the lost and encourage those that are already saved to continue in their walk with God. We are striving to teach the people of God how to find their purpose and then how to operate in the calling on their lives. Our goal is to help feed the hungry, house the homeless, help battered men and women, and to help educate the youth on drugs, alcohol, and sex. We are also determined to help leaders that are in need of the structure in their churches, due to tradition, to stand bold and do exactly what the word of God says without fear or trembling. Another vision is to purchase vans that we may be able to assist those that are in need of transportation to services.

The Mission of House of Restoration Outreach Ministries was birthed from the scripture, Psalm, 51:12.  After reading this scripture, our Mission is to restore and renew God’s people through a relevant, life-changing word, build positive relationships, and create a radical, yet intimate praise and worship experience. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere for those who are hungry and thirsty for God so that they are eager to return. HOROM’s sole purpose is to cause those who know Christ to build a stronger relationship with Him, those who once knew Him to fall in love with Him again, and those who never knew Him to give Him a try that they too may learn of Him and taste and see how good He really is.

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